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Credit Cards used to pay Rent and Mortgage

Local People ‘Forced to Use Credit Cards to Pay Mortgage or Rent’

The local Citizens Advice Bureau has urged people in South West Aberdeenshire not to use their credit cards to pay off their mortgage or rent, saying this is ‘a short-term fix that will lead to a long-term crisis’.

Eveline Crossan, Manager of Westhill and District CAB, said,

"Unfortunately we have seen clients who have been in this desperate situation. Many of them are already in debt and have found themselves suddenly without an income, or with a cut in income, due to losing their job or a change in their benefit payments. When their rent or mortgage falls due they feel they have no option but to use their only available means of payment, which is their credit card, and so they rack up several hundred pounds of card debt overnight.

"But of course if you are struggling to this extent, running up huge credit card debts cannot be the right solution. It may seem like a short-term fix, but it creates a long-term crisis for you and your family. If anyone is in this position, they should seek help before taking that step. Expert financial advice is available here at the CAB in Westhill Shopping Centre.

“Sadly, we usually don’t see people until its too late and they have already made a credit card payment. It is far better to come and see us as soon as you know you are in difficulty, to see if you can avoid that step. We understand that people find it hard to ask for help, but the sooner you do, the more options might be available to you. Here at the CAB our advice is free, confidential and completely independent. We won’t give your details to anyone without your permission, and we won’t judge or criticize you – we see people just like you all the time, and all we want to do is help.”

Your local CAB has offices at Westhill Shopping Centre and Outreach offices in Aboyne and Alford.

For more information please contact the Westhill bureau on 01224 747714 or e-mail