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Are you finding it difficult to manage your debts?

South West Aberdeenshire Citizens Advice Bureau has advisers who can assist you to look at the options available to help you resolve debt problems.

We advise you to bring the following documents with you to allow us to make the best possible assessment of the situation:

  • The name and address of everyone you owe money to (recent letters or bills show this)
  • How much money you owe to each person or business (recent bills show this)
  • Account numbers for all debts
  • Other letters from people like collection agents or solicitors
  • Court letters, orders or citations
  • Insurance policies
  • Proof of income (wage slips, benefit details, pensions, maintenance payments etc)
  • Bank/building society statements

South West Aberdeenshire Citizens Advice Bureau will never ask you to provide confidential, financial or banking details by telephone or email.

We have prepared a Debt Advice Pack containing Debt Advice Service Agreement/Form of Authority and Financial Information Forms for you to complete. If you complete these documents before you come to the bureau this will allow us to get started as quickly as possible and will significantly reduce the amount of time you need to spend with an adviser. You can download and print these from the Downloadable Documents area.

Although completing these will help, it is not a replacement for original documentation. Please ensure that when you visit the bureau, you bring the pack and forms together with the original documentation listed above.

How can Citizens Advice Bureau help you?

South West Aberdeenshire Citizens Advice Bureau can help you by:

  • Working out your income and outgoings
  • Checking that you are receiving all the benefits due to you
  • Filling in those off-putting forms for you
  • Dealing with any financial emergencies first, such as rent or mortgage arrears
  • Clearly discussing the options open to you
  • Looking at what is best for you and your family
  • Negotiating on your behalf with people you owe money to

It is also helpful if you bring information about your expenditure e.g. copies of bills for council tax, gas, electricity, rent or mortgage etc.

There is also additional help available on this subject at the Adviceguide website. South West Aberdeenshire Citizens Advice Bureau is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.