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How can CAB help you with your immigration issues? At South West Aberdeenshire Citizens Advice Bureau our trained advisers can give you an overview of immigration law and your rights and entitlements as a migrant living in the UK.

We can give you information on the following areas. For non-EU Nationals:

  • Entry Categories
  • In Country Applications
  • Point Based System
  • Understanding Visa Endorsements
  • Entitlement to Public Funds
  • Biometric Residence Cards
  • Residence Requirements
  • Rights of Appeal for 1st tier tribunal


For EU Nationals (A2, A8 and EEA):

  • Rights to Reside Test
  • Habitual Residency Test
  • Workers Registration Scheme
  • Entitlement to Public Funds

Further information can be found at:

South West Aberdeenshire Citizens Advice Bureau will never ask you to provide confidential, financial or banking details by telephone or email.

If you are coming into the bureau for any advice, please ensure you bring any or all of the following information with you:

  • Passport with Visa
  • Travel documentation
  • NI Number
  • Any correspondence from the home office
  • NASS Number
  • Proof of income or benefit award

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